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Why I Think Is Best Cam Site Around

bang-with-cams-camgirls is the best cam site I’ve ever used – and I’ve used plenty! The cam girls are sexy, they know what they’re doing, and it’s just the best. I’d never used a cam site that was so user oriented and made specifically for users so that the experience is the best it can possibly be. It really shows that the site wants customers to have the best time while using their site, because of all of the things they offer to enhance your experiences with the cams and the girls. Hands-down the best cam site out there.

Site Introduction

I was impressed with the layout and overall ease of use that has, I really felt like they wanted to make the site the best possible experience for their users. I found what I was looking for really easily, they had search filters that helped me narrow down the type of girl I wanted to see, so that made things so much easier. BangWithCams has tons of cam girls, so it really does help to have a simple search filter option available, which they do.

What Happened Next

I was impressed enough with the free public shows that I figured it could only get better with a private one, so I set about to test my theory. I chose a cam girl and requested a private show, which she agreed to, I paid and waited a few minutes for cams to get going and everything. Once the picture cam up the fun started! My cam girl, Cherry, was a doll. She was gorgeous and sexy, but she was also a great performer and a great listener. By which I mean she takes direction very well. She did pretty much everything I requested of her, and I can’t possibly think of one complaint that I’d have about her show. She was fantastic, and I’ll definitely be checking out her, and the site, again in the future. Watched 2 public shows Paid for private show Impressed with cam girl Very satisfied

What Worked For Me

I really just did what I normally do on cam sites when I was using First and foremost, you have to treat these girls respectfully. Yes, they’re naked and being sexy, but there’s no reason to degrade them or be rude to them. You’ll find that they don’t respond well to that kind of treatment, and you will get blocked from the site for that kind of behavior, so be a gentleman and be nice. The better you treat your cam girl, the better she’ll treat you, so you only have to gain from acting like a good boy.

Great Features

I absolutely loved some of the features that were offered for, I really found that they helped make my time on the site that much better. Searching was super easy, navigating was simple, and the girls were amazing. My favorite three features out of all of them were: Category Filters: The filters for the search on this site were unbelievable. I had the option to narrow down my results by ethnicity, trans, gay, location – pretty much any option I could think they offered. It made finding the kind of cam girl I prefer so incredibly easy that I have no reason not to use the site again. It was very convenient, and I loved this feature. Public And Private Cam Shows: I really enjoyed that the site offered a free public show, and then gave users the option of purchasing a private cam show if they liked what they saw. It lets users get an idea of what the site and the cam girls are like, and it works for them. If it does, then you’re in luck! You can super easily request a private show from the cam girl of your choice, and you will not be disappointed. Quality Cam Girls: The cam girls on this site are phenomenal. They’re all pros, they know what they’re doing and how to get you off. Not only that, but they’re great to talk to and really flexible depending on what you want to see at that time. They’ll talk with you, lend an ear, show you what you want to see – I honestly can’t say enough positive things about these ladies, I’ve never seen such quality cam girls before on a cam site. They’re very professional, never said a negative word, and made me feel super comfortable with everything. It was a great experience.   bang-with-cams-camgirls

Increase Success

When it comes to cam sites, your success is really dependent on you. How you act, talk and behave will dictate the kind of response you get, so if you get a negative response to something, look at your own behavior. That being said, this is my advice for getting the most success on a cam girl site: Don’t Be A Sleaze: Don’t be nasty! Unless you’re already in a private chat, you shouldn’t be talking to the cam girls like you are. Until you’ve had a request for private show approved and you’re in one, it’s just plain rude to be making the same requests of a cam girl. You’re trying to get a free show, and she knows that, and guess what? You’re going to be blocked. Be respectful with your words too, don’t call her a slut or anything like that, because if it isn’t in a private chat session during sexy time, then it’s just insulting.

Not So Great Features

I really only have one minor complaint about the site, and that’s the ads. I felt like there were too many and the pop-ups especially took away from the positive experience a little bit. I could close them easily enough and my browser wasn’t disabled by their appearance, which was good, but I could have still done without them.

In Conclusion

I would very highly recommend this site to anyone and everyone who wants to try a cam site. If you’ve never used one before, then it’s a great place to start. It’s a really good example of what a cam site should be like, and it’s super easy to use. If it’s between this cam site and another one, do yourself a favor and pick this one. You will not regret it! It’s been the best cam site, and porn site for that matter, that I’ve ever used and I don’t think I’ll ever use another one now that I’ve found it. It’s literally everything a guy could want from a porn or cam site, so what more could I possibly ask for?