Review – The Worst Cam Girl Site Online Review – The Worst Cam Girl Site Online

Why Is Not Worth Anyones Time

camorous-camgirls-scam is by far the worst cam girl site that I’ve ever been on. Their webcams are poor quality and the girls aren’t much better. You won’t be happy. I’ve never in my entire life seen a worse cam site, and I’ve used many. I’ve never had such a poor experience as I did on this site, and frankly, it’s because I wanted to check out a new cam site without looking into it first. There’s a good reason that you’ve probably never heard of this cam site before, and it’s because it sucks.

Site Introduction

I didn’t look too closely at the site at first, I’ll be honest, but it looked good initially. Once I started trying to actually use the damn thing then I noticed how terrible it was. The navigation is awful and so far from user friendly, I’m not surprised that there didn’t seem to be many people in the public show playing. That was free, but it wasn’t anything special. I wanted to see what a private show was like on this site, but I should’ve just saved the money and watched the free public show, it really was no different.

What Happened Next

I paid to see a private show, but I wish that I hadn’t. I could have watched what was basically the same show, but I had to pay to be the only one watching it. I can honestly say that I think this was that cam girl’s first day on the job. That, or they’ll just take anyone as a cam girl for the site, because she had nothing going on that made her a good cam girl. I was so disappointed, and I kind of felt bad for her because she looked uncomfortable and I could tell that she knew she wasn’t cut out for what she was doing. Not a good experience. Attempted to navigate to cam girls Inundated with pop ups Finally found cam girls Extremely disappointed at “show”

Not So Great Features

I didn’t actually notice any good features on the site, because it wasn’t easy to use in the first place. The few things that I did notice though, were incredibly bad. Way Too Many Ads: I can’t stress enough how annoying these ads were. They were all pop-ups, and they were on every page. They seemed to go away and stop right when I was about to kill the page all together, but it was ridiculous. I’ve never been so frustrated by ads alone on a site before. It made everything unusable because it disabled the page temporarily while it loaded. I know ads are never convenient but this was beyond inconvenient. Poor Quality Girls And Cams: The cams themselves were terrible quality, they were grainy and must have been on auto-focus because half the time it was blurry. The cam girl was, as I mentioned, crap. She wasn’t sexy and didn’t seem at all comfortable with what she was doing, which made is extremely uncomfortable to watch. Have cam girls that like what they do and are actually good at it, because it’s really obvious and off-putting when they aren’t.

In Conclusion

I’ve used legit cam sites, so I know they’re out there, but I hit a dud with Camorous. I wouldn’t consider it a cam site, I’d say it’s fully a scam site. It doesn’t seem to be designed to actually be used to people, and the girls they have on their cams aren’t cut out to be cam girls. I was so unimpressed and disappointed by my experience on the site and I would never recommend that anyone use this site, ever. The only exception I would say is if you want to see what a cam site shouldn’t be.