Different Approaches To Communicating With Cam Girls

Approaches To Use To Talk To Cam Girls

Talking to cam girls isn’t hard, but sometimes you need some advice on how to go about doing it. At the end of the day, they’re just hot young ladies! When it comes to talking to cam girls, there are a few different approaches that you can take. Whether it be playing nice or being a naughty boy, these are some ways to approach cam girl chat sessions, both public and private.

Use Your Manners

You can never go wrong with being polite. This is a really good approach all around, but especially if you’re in a public chat with other people. You don’t want to be the rude guy who’s demanding things of the cam girl. Please and thank you, or at least the implication of them, goes a long way with anyone, even cam girls.

Feel The Room

This is mostly for public cam shows, but it’s always good to feel out the room and how they’re all talking. If you feel it out before you say anything, you can avoid being “that guy” who’s being full-on raunchy when no one else is, or when the situation doesn’t really call for it. Take cues from how everyone is being and follow their lead; when the mood changes, change with it, and so on.

Be Respectful

Don’t make demands of your cam girl, but especially don’t do it without tipping. Some cam girls like a dominant guy, so they might sometimes like it if you are more on the demanding side, but if you aren’t going to tip her then don’t even try it. At the same time, you want to avoid using any kind of derogatory language to her and disrespecting her in any way. You want a good cam show, not an insulted cam girl that’s going to block you from ever using the site again. Cam girls communities are tight knit as well, so word will spread about you being a bad cam client if your behaviour is inappropriate, so watch yourself when talking to a cam girl. Always respect her as a person and a woman.

Talk Dirty

When you’re chatting with a cam girl, then you have to talk dirty at some point. Not right away, obviously, but once things escalate and get more steamy. It’s important not to jump into things with dirty talk, because it can be very off putting right off the bat. Not only that, but if you aren’t very good at it and she isn’t in the mood yet, then you might just have things backfire on you in a bad way.

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