An Extremely Unhappy User Review Of Cam Site

An Extremely Unhappy User Review Of Cam Site

Don’t Even Try To Use

eve-cam-cam-girl-scam I’d used cam sites before, but not too often. I hadn’t heard of EveCam before so I thought I’d give it a shot and see if it was any good. It wasn’t. You won’t get off using, so don’t even bother trying. They’re nothing but fakes and false advertising – there’s nothing worth seeing on this site. The girls aren’t as hot as their pictures make them look, and they don’t know what they’re doing enough to be able to charge money, but they are anyway! It’s just a rip-off.

Site Introduction

On first look at the site, it seemed pretty legit, which is why I kept on it. They had free public cam shows going on, so I looked around at a few of them before I found one girl I wanted to see more of. I watched her public show for a bit, then decided that I wanted to have a private show with her and get what I needed to get off. That’s definitely not what happened.

What Happened Next

Once I had this cam girl in a private show, it became obvious that the public “show” that I saw before was just a teaser vid. This girl looked way different from the girl I watched in the teaser. She was older, not nearly as sexy, and seemed really awkward about what she was doing. She ignored like half of my requests, so I just logged off and said forget it, I wasn’t getting anything, but frustrated from her. I couldn’t believe how misleading everything about that experience was. Nothing was what it was advertising, including the prices, and I felt so ripped off – I was livid. Watched public show Paid for private show Public show was just teaser vid Huge difference in quality Huge disappointment

Not So Great Features

I have no good things to say about what EveCam offers, I was just so pissed off with how misleading and fake they were. I wasted so much time browsing this site when I could used any other cam site and gotten what I wanted. I could also have just watched porn, at least I would’ve gotten off. Performer Ratings Lies: I chose this one girl because her “public” show was hot, and her ratings were really high. Turns out, these ratings are bullshit. She was a garbage cam girl and did not deserve the high rankings that were on her page. They must have been fake because there’s no way actual people would give her those rankings. She sucked. They obviously just wanted people to check out her page, which makes me think that all of the ratings of the girls on the site are also fake. Not Actually Free: The site says that the cam shows are free, but thats bullshit. The public shows that they say are free are not shows, they’re teaser videos of the girls you can talk to. And even that’s not true! These videos are of hotter girls just to reel you in, then the private show girls are way less hotter and don’t know what they’re doing. These are not what you want in a cam site, so just stay away.

In Conclusion

I’d never tell anyone to use unless I was purposely trying to waste their time. If I had read any cam site reviews, I would have seen that this site was a scam and not worth anyone’s time, and I could’ve avoided it. That’s why I’m writing this review, so that no one else can make the same mistake I did and use this slimy site. If you want to see real girls on real cams, this is NOT the site to use. Go anywhere else but here for it.