How To Tell If You’re Being Scammed By A Cam Girl Site

Signs You’re Being Scammed By A Cam Girl

Even the most tech savvy person has doesn’t always know how to avoid being scammed, so don’t feel bad if you don’t either. Cam sites are one of the places where scammers will try and use. There are ways to tell if you’re being scammed by a cam girl, if you know what to look for. These are some things that it’s a scam.

She Wants Your Money First

If your cam girl asks for cash, she’s not legit. You should never be dealing with cash or credit cards with your cam girls. Each site has its own system, but the idea is the same. You purchase a form of currency (usually tokens) on the site and then use those to purchase time with or tip a cam girl. She should never ask you for money, especially not your credit card information. If your cam girl asks about your personal finances, run the other way.

She Ignores Your Requests

If you’re camming with a girl that you paid for time with and she’s ignoring everything that you ask of her, she may not be the real deal. A legitimate cam girl will do whatever she needs to, within reason, to make you happy and that includes taking your direct requests. Any cam girl that refuses reasonable requests or outright refuses to perform cam girl duties is most definitely a fraud.

She Won’t Cam With You

Part of being a cam girl (a very important part) is showing yourself on cam. If a cam girl won’t show her face or body on screen, then she probably isn’t a legit cam girl, and she might not even be a girl! Make sure you can see your cam girl, top to bottom, so you know that she’s real, and not there to scam you. Any girl who will chat but won’t go to the cam isn’t a cam girl at all.

She Gives You Her Personal Info

A cam girl should never give you her personal address or information. There’s never any reason for her to tell you this. This is especially true is she’s asking for you to send her anything, like money or gifts. This should never happen. If she gives you an address, most notably if it’s a PO box, then she’s working for a scam organization who’s preying on men who don’t know any better. Don’t be one of these men. If she wants to give you her address or anything like that, click off from her and never look back.