There’s A Reason Ranks So High: A Review

There’s A Reason Ranks So High: A Review Earns It’s Place As One Of Best Cam Sites

im-live-cam-girls completely turned around my perception of cam sites, and showed me that they can actually be really fun places to legit get off with a cam girl. I feel like these girls deserve every tip and every penny they get because they do a damn good job at camming. This is my absolute new favorite kind of porn – tube videos do nothing for me now, because I have no say in what’s happening. I’ve officially been spoiled by cam girls for other kinds of porn, but I’m actually really happy about it!

Site Introduction doesn’t have a bunch of glitz and glamor to mislead you into thinking it’s better than it really is – it really is that good! Everything on there is very tasteful, and when it comes to the public shows, they get a little more risqué. And by a little, I mean a lot! I was surprised by how far these girls would go in a free show, so I was pretty excited to find out where they would take it in a private cam show. I cannot describe accurately how amazing my first cam show was with a cam girl on this site. Needless to say, I went back for more.

What Happened Next

I always have an amazing time with the cam girls on ImLive. They’re entertaining as hell and super sexy, so it’s like the best of all worlds. Before I used this site, I thought cam sites were sleazy and the girls were wannabe porn stars, but that’s not the case at all. It turns out, when they’re done right and the cam girls know what they’re doing, cam sites are really professional places to get you off. My next cam sessions after my first one were just as great as that first one, so I know that the cam girls are consistently great. The site only has the best quality cam girls so I like knowing that I’m getting the best for the shows I’m paying for. Viewed several free public shows Requested and purchased many private shows Always satisfied Return customer

What Worked For Me

Taking the plunge and requesting a private show was the first step and for me it was tough one to make. Once I did though, I was totally in it for the long haul. Public shows on the site are still great, (and free!) but the private shows are so much better. These cam girls will do whatever it takes to make sure you get off, and they want to make you feel like you got what you paid for. They don’t slack and pull out all the stops to make your cam experience the best she can make it, which I always appreciate. Tipping well helps too.

Great Features has some of the most practical features I’ve seen on a cam site, and they made life a hell of a lot easier in searching for my preferred type of cam girl. Free Public Shows I really like that they had free public cam shows available. It was good for a quick viewing as well, giving me an idea of what the girls are like on the site. I usually use the shows when I don’t have too much time but I’m in the mood for a cam session. It’s been really convenient, and even better that’s it’s free! High Quality Cams: The picture and audio quality of the cams that they use on the site are incredible. The image is really clear, great quality, and the sound is amazing as well. The whole video quality is just fantastic, and really makes me feel like I’m personally connecting with these girls because I can see and hear them perfectly. I’ve used cam sites that have just awful cam quality – super grainy image and next to no audio – so it’s nice to see that this site invests in top quality equipment. Great Cam Girls The girls on ImLive are just phenomenal. They’re super professional, always respectful, and really open to new experiences. I had one girl who had never done what I ask her to do, and she was more than willing to try it – and she loved it! It was an obviously NSFW request, but it was so hot. They’re attitudes are always great, upbeat and willing to please while also being seductive and super sexy at the same time. I don’t know how they do it but they do it very well.

im-live-cam-girlsIncrease Success

This is good a good thing to do, especially if you plan on becoming a repeat customer, so you want to make sure to tip your cam girl really well. If she sees that you’re back for a follow up cam session, she’ll remember that you’re a good tipper, and she’ll go above and beyond to make you happy. These girls earn their tips, so if you’re really happy with her performance and got off happily, let her know with a generous tip for her hard work.

Not So Great Features

The only thing on that I wasn’t super happy with was made for more tech savvy users I think. I personally didn’t get it: Different Windows I didn’t like the multiple windows on the cam during the cam session. I didn’t feel the need to use the background site while also in the midst of a private cam session with a cam girl. I wanted to give her my full attention and it felt rude to have these other things distracting me. I’m not a good multi-tasker on the computer so I found no need for the multiple window options.

In Conclusion

If you’re in search of a great quality cam site with super sexy cam girls who know what they’re doing, then ImLive is the one for you. I’d highly recommend it to literally anyone. It’s the best in the biz as far as cam sites go, and I’ve used enough of them to know that to be a fact. I was almost done with cam sites because of the terrible quality of a lot of the other ones, but I’m thankful that I came across ImLive before I decided to call it quits with these sites. Instead, I found my new favorite, and my absolute go-to when I need to get off. I’ve told all my buddies about it, and when I told my cam girl that I had recommended them, she gave me a little extra something in my private show for doing it. It turns out that she had cammed with one of my buddies not long before me, and he was an excellent tipper (way to go bud!) and treated her well, so she was happy with my recommendation of good customers. That being said – go to this cam site!