Review – Top Cam Girl Site Review – Top Cam Girl Site Has The Hottest Cam Girls Ever

live-jasmin-cam-girls has legit some of the hottest ladies I’ve ever seen on cam before. I didn’t think it was real at first, but it totally is, and I’m in love. I’ve used cam sites before, but I’ve never seen women on cam that are so beautiful, but also really cool to talk to. I’ll definitely be coming back again and again to this site.

Site Introduction

I thought the site looked great at the first look, I had a really good impression of what it was like and I liked what I saw! I looked around the site a bit, but I was there to see some chicks, so I started looking at their girls’ profiles. I didn’t know who to choose! I caught a few preview vids and made my choice for a private show. She was a super cute blonde with some sexy curves (can’t remember her name, my bad). I liked what I saw and I wanted to see more, so I requested a private show. Paid and ready, I waited for her cam to start up. So far I was good to go and happy with the site!

What Happened Next

My love for grew as soon as this chick got on cam. She blew me away, she was super cool and down to earth, but also super down for whatever I was asking her to do. It was the most personalized porn I’ve ever experienced in my life, and I’m totally hooked. She gave me a little strip tease, touched herself anywhere and everywhere I asked her to, and get herself off while totally getting me off. It was by far the best experience I’ve literally ever had going online to watch porn. I wasn’t just watching – I was part of it. It was incredible, I can’t believe I’d never used LiveJasmin before now. Other cam sites and the girls on them don’t even come close. Watched 4 teaser vids Paid for private cam show Blown away by show Officially a new site regular

What Worked For Me

Whenever I use cam sites I make a point not to hold back my fantasies or whatever I want to live out. What’s the point in using a cam site to personalize your porn if you aren’t going to ask for what you want to see? Cam girls want to please you, and they’ve heard every request possible, so they aren’t there to judge. Get what you really want and make sure you get off by opening up about your fantasies and desires. A cam site is no place for subtlety and shyness.

Great Features

I was impressed with the features on, because they were really based around me as a user. The things they offered made a lot of sense for the site, and actually made using it a better time than it might have been without these things. Teaser Vids: I loved this because it was like a mini commercial for the cam girls on the site. I watched a bunch of them and got an idea of what kinds of cam girls they have, and what these girls are into. It was a really cool way to choose who you wanted to cam with as opposed to just looking at pictures. Category Filters: You can search for exactly what you’re in the mood for at that moment, and you’ll actually find it. If you’re in the mood to watch a blonde, no problem! Into BBW? They’ve got ’em! It took away the hassle of having to search through the entire site looking for the kind of girl you want to see, and it’s so easy to find them this way. Cam To Cam: It turned me on that she could see how much I liked what she as doing, and I’m sure it’s good for the girls to see who they’re talking to. For me, it was just plain sexy.   livejasmin-camgirls

Increase Success

Be nice to the girls would be my biggest piece of advice. The girl I was camming with told me about some guy who was such an asshole that she blocked him and had the site block him too, so there are consequences for being shitty online, guys. Being bossy and demanding if you’re not doing some kind of role play with your cam girl is rude, and you won’t get anything from her. Aside from not being a shitty person, I’d suggest checking out the teaser videos before choosing a cam girl, especially your first time on the site. It gave me a really good idea of the kinds of girls that are on the site and what options I have for exploring what I want to. They cam girls tell you what they’re down for in these videos, which is even better, so you can pick the perfect girl to cam with for whatever you’re in the mood for. Not every girl will do everything so it’s good to get an idea of who will do what before you choose.

Not So Great Features

The only thing I would say that was missing from was something that I’d seen on other cam sites. No Free Public Chat: There wasn’t a free public show on this site which I know other cam sites do offer. At the same time though they have the teaser videos which do pretty much the same thing, so it didn’t make too much of a difference really. You can watch those teasers and search for the type of girl you want using the filters so it’s all good in the end. Ads: While I’m talking about things that I didn’t love about LiveJasmin, I will say that there were a few too many ads for my liking. I have a pet peeve with ads on sites, which is dumb because pretty all sites have ads, but I was hoping I wouldn’t see too many on here. Thankfully, they weren’t mad pop-ups or anything, or it’d be a different story, so I could deal.

In Conclusion

Love this site, love everything about it, and you should definitely use it. It’s a really good site for first time cam site users too because of all of the options and how easy to use it is. If I had never used other cam sites before I wouldn’t be able to appreciate how much ahead of the game LiveJasmin is, and how much better they are then other ones. This is by far the best cam site online right now. The girls are amazing – so hot and so down, and the prices for shows are actually reasonable, especially knowing that the quality is way up there. I honestly might not watch tube porn ever again after using this site, it’s the best way to get off exactly how you want.