Stay Away From! Nothing But A Scam Cam Site

Stay Away From! Nothing But A Scam Cam Site Has No Real Cam Girls

o-cams-cam-girl-scam Never have I ever had such a terrible experience as I did on this so-called cam site. I will never use again and I strongly advise anyone else looking for a good cam show to avoid it at all costs. It’s nothing but disappointment. They aren’t interested in giving anything to their users, they just want to get your money and be done with it; the shows are garbage and the girls are NOT hot.

Site Introduction

I feel like I would have noticed how shitty things were on OCams if I hadn’t been so horny at the time, but I did manage to overlook a few key red flags from the get-go. Navigating to the cam girls wasn’t the easiest, there were a lot of redirects and round about pages to get to them. And once I did find them, I had to spend even more time searching for the ones I wanted to watch. It was not a quick and easy process from getting on the site, and watching a cam show.

What Happened Next

I chose a private show, which I searched for ages to find the right girl for, and I was so disappointed that I logged off in the middle of the show. She wasn’t sexy, I couldn’t hear shit from her, and I just felt like I wasted my time and my boner. Not to mention my money. It wasn’t an expensive show, which could’ve been another red flag, but still – I like to get what I pay for and I feel like I got nothing out of this “investment”. Watched public, then paid for private show Felt grossly overcharged Did not get off Not impressed with this cam site

Not So Great Features

I didn’t like anything about OCams. They don’t operate in a user friendly way, and they don’t seem to care at all about their users’ experience. The whole site is shit, and has no features that make the site pleasant, or easier, for us to find what we want to see. No Category Filters: There wasn’t any way to personalize a search or to search for a preferred type of cam girl. I wanted to see some Asian babes on cam, but I didn’t have the option to search for Asian cam girls by category, so I had to look through all of the profiles until I found one. Such a pain in the ass. I was horny, I wanted to see some sexy naked Asian chicks, not spend 10 minutes searching for one. Epic failure on OCams’ part. Zero Audio: I don’t know if it was a technical problem or not, but there was no audio for the cam show I paid for. And this was a private cam show that I paid for! Why would I pay for a show when there’s nothing to hear? I didn’t see any warnings or disclaimers that there wasn’t any audio or that it wasn’t working, so I have to assume that they’re just skeevy on this site, and just don’t offer fully inclusive features or shows.

In Conclusion

Do what I didn’t and check out some cam girl reviews before you commit – I sure as shit wish that I did. Not just to save the money, but I could’ve prevented myself the disappointment and frustration of using the site in the first place. I’m positive that if I’d used any other cam site, I would’ve been satisfied, but somehow I managed to pick quite possibly the worst one out there. Take it from me, it’s not worth choosing a cheaper or newer cam site. There’s a really good chance that it’s a scam, and that you’ll just end up as disappointed and blue balled as I did.