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1 is the best cam site I’ve ever used – and I’ve used plenty! The cam girls are sexy, they know what they’re doing, and it’s just the best. I’d never used a cam site that was so user oriented and made specifically for users so that the experience is the best it can possibly be. Visit SiteRead Review
2 has legit some of the hottest ladies I’ve ever seen on cam before. I didn’t think it was real at first, but it totally is, and I’m in love. I’ve used cam sites before, but I’ve never seen women on cam that are so beautiful, but also really cool to talk to. Visit SiteRead Review
3 completely turned around my perception of cam sites, and showed me that they can actually be really fun places to legit get off with a cam girl. I feel like these girls deserve every tip and every penny they get because they do a damn good job at camming. Visit SiteRead Review
4 is the best in quality cam sites and cam girls. I’ve never had a negative experience on it, ever. I’ll always recommend it to anyone, period. They have the highest quality girls, and highest quality in equipment, so the picture is the clearest I’ve ever seen on a webcam before. Visit SiteRead Review

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Never have I ever had such a terrible experience as I did on this so-called cam site. I will never use again and I strongly advise anyone else looking for a good cam show to avoid it at all costs. It’s nothing but disappointment. Read Review is by far the worst cam girl site that I’ve ever been on. Their webcams are poor quality and the girls aren’t much better. You won’t be happy. I’ve never in my entire life seen a worse cam site, and I’ve used many. I’ve never had such a poor experience as I did on this site, and frankly, it’s because I wanted to check out a new cam site without looking into it first. Read Review
If you’re looking for a really good cam girl site, then you want to steer clear of It straight up sucks! The girls don’t do anything you want. That is, if you can afford to get them into a private chat. Even then, I have no doubt in my mind that they’d refuse to do the things that get you off and that probably why the site seems to encourage people to only use the public shows. Read Review
I’d used cam sites before, but not too often. I hadn’t heard of EveCam before so I thought I’d give it a shot and see if it was any good. It wasn’t. You won’t get off using, so don’t even bother trying. Read Review