The Top Five Countries With The Most Cam Girls Online

Top Countries With The Most Cam Girls

It may seem odd to think of, but camming isn’t popular everywhere in the world. Some countries seem to be hotspots for cam girls, while others not so much. Find out which five countries top the list at the highest number of cam girls. Some may surprise you, and some may be exactly what you’d expect, so see if you’ve talked to a cam girl from one of these places.


Romania is quickly becoming the most popular country for cam girls. Surrounding countries have made it illegal for cam girls to operate how they need to, so they flock to Romania to get the job done. Eastern European women are sexy as hell, so it really shouldn’t be surprising that there would be a large number of cam girls coming out of this region. Romania is the location, but girls from all over the area go there so that they can become cam girls and talk to men like you!


Colombia is no longer just the cocaine capital of the world – they’re becoming to cam girl capital as well! Hundreds of the most popular cam girl accounts are out of this Latin country. Sophia Vergara is an example of how Colombian women look so is it really shocking that men all over the world want to talk to sexy women like that? Not at all. This makes sense as one of the top spots in the world for cam girls.

United States

The good old USA is never one to miss out on opportunities. Tons of college students in the US are turning to camming to make an income while they study. These types of entrepreneurs use their skills at sexy talk and using a webcam to make a living, and make the dreams of guys like you come true on screen.


The land down under has a large number of cam girls as well. Australia isn’t just known for the most dangerous animals in the world anymore, they’re quickly becoming notable for their high number of sexy cam girls!

Czech Republic

This Eastern European country is one of the top for cam girls as well, although it’s a little trickier for them to do it there as opposed to going to Romania. These cam girls want to do their jobs in their own countries, so they’re just going ahead and doing it, which is why there are a ton of cam girls coming out of the Czech Republic in the past decade. These women are hot as hell and usually also speak English.

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