Do Not Use If You Want A Good Cam Girl Site

Do Not Use If You Want A Good Cam Girl Site

Why I’ll Never Use Again

webcams-cam-girls-scam If you’re looking for a really good cam girl site, then you want to steer clear of It straight up sucks! The girls don’t do anything you want. That is, if you can afford to get them into a private chat. Even then, I have no doubt in my mind that they’d refuse to do the things that get you off and that probably why the site seems to encourage people to only use the public shows. The girls probably can’t get tips otherwise, because from what I’ve seen, they aren’t very good at what they do.

Site Introduction

At first glance, the site looked pretty good – pictures of hot girls that I could watch, performer profiles to check out. But browsing the site for free was really limited. If you wanted to see anything that was really worth seeing, then you had to pay, and not just for the performance on cam. So I paid and looked around a bit more, but the more I saw the less impressed I was. I figured I should at least watch a cam show and give it a show, it’s why I visited the site in the first place. I joined a public show, as was my only real option at the point, and was very disappointed by the “show”.

What Happened Next

The cam girl whose live show I watched was not meant to be a cam girl. She didn’t listen to any of the requests made of her by the viewers, and she didn’t really do anything that hot. She was naked, sure, but she didn’t touch herself even when asked, she mostly just pranced around with no clothes on. I definitely paid to see way more than that, so I was pissed that she wasn’t giving us the show that we, really, paid to see. The prices on the site for private one on one cam sessions were way too expensive for me to justify doing it. Which left me with the public show, and that sucked. Paid $30+ Was only able to watch public shows Had to share experience with other guys Got nothing out of the cam session

Not So Great Features

I have some complaints about what this site is considering a “feature”, because if these are the things they’re using at perks, they clearly don’t understand the concept. These two things are important for cam sites, and if they aren’t done right then what’s the point of using that site? Expensive Private Chat: The cost to chat privately was way too much, especially considering the quality of the performers on the site. In no way is the amount of money they’re asking for worth it for anyone to watch what the performers will do – or not do, more likely. Poor Quality Performers: The girls that I saw on this site were not good at their job. They weren’t even teases, they were just shitty cam girls. If you only have good looking girls who aren’t good performers, you’re only doing half the job, and we want more.

In Conclusion

I never thought I’d say it, but even with this kind of porn, you should try and read some cam girl site reviews before paying for anything. Know that you’ll get your money’s worth before you invest it. I didn’t and I wasted my money. It wasn’t a lot of money, but I still like to get something for what I pay for, and I didn’t feel like that was the case with I would strongly recommend that you use a different cam girl site if you want to watch a sexy show, public or private, because this one lacks big time with both. Poor quality all around and not something I would suggest to others.