What To Look For: Things That Make A Stellar Cam Girl

What To Look For In A Cam Girl

Cam girls are definitely not all one and the same. These are a few particular things that make a cam girl cut out for what she does, and stellar at her job. If she doesn’t possess these four qualities, then she probably isn’t the most stellar cam girl that you could be watching. Keep an eye for these 4 cam girl traits.


You want to take some time with your cam girl and assess what she’s like. If you get a good vibe from her then she’s probably a great cam girl. One thing that really does make a stellar cam girl is that she has a shining personality. Girls who don’t have much of a personality or are more on the negative side of things tend not to make the best cam girls, so it does matter what she’s like as a person.


Your cam girls attitude is equally as important as her personality. Nobody wants to talk sexy with a girl who seems condescending or stuck up, so take note of how your cam girl talks to you. If she seem uninterested or uninvested, then that’s a huge point against her because she seems to have a poor attitude. Cam work isn’t for people who have bad attitudes, so if you want to know if your cam girl is a good one, look at her ‘tude.

Comfort Level

You obviously want to talk to a cam girl who’s comfortable with what she’s doing. If the girl seems awkward or not comfortable, then that takes away from your experience big time. It’s hard to stay horny and maintain any kind of sexy imagery when the cam girl you’re doing that with looks like she’d rather be doing anything else. You don’t want to feel like you’re making her uncomfortable, so keep an eye on how she moves and acts to see if she seems okay with things or not. If she doesn’t then find yourself a new cam girl, and suggest that she find a new job.


A major, and pretty obvious, aspect of being a cam girl is sexuality. She has to be a sexual girl to be able to have a successful cam girl career. At the very least, a cam girl should be comfortable with her own sexuality, seeing as she’s going to be naked for the majority of her day. A self-conscious cam girl isn’t sexy either, unless it’s part of a pretty specific role play. Assess how your cam girl seems on the sexuality scale and her level of comfort with it.

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